We formed our company back in 1981 and it was built on a simple ethos, to provide our customers with innovative furniture solutions

Today, we still honour our commitment to do just that. However, along the way we have learnt that today’s ever evolving working and learning environments demand much more. With our deeper understanding of these spaces and by considering the needs and aspirations of the people operating within them, we now offer our clients exceptional design and furniture solutions, which enrich people’s lives and helps organisations succeed.

Our 10 key principles

At Broadstock we follow 10 core principles that guide us in all that we do. They are underpinned by our passion to deliver exceptional design and furniture solutions for our clients.

We understand the ‘need’ before we start and place it at the heart of the solution
We offer insight and research-led thinking
We believe good design should positively affect productivity and behaviours
We explore new opportunities for innovation
We nurture relationships with our clients and suppliers
We value open and honest communication
We keep things simple – in our solutions and our service
We take being responsible seriously
We are thorough down to the last detail
We are committed to quality

Investing in our people

We believe that our people are our greatest asset, which is why at Broadstock we are committed to an on-going investment programme in advanced training, equipment and skills.

Made in the UK

From our manufacturing facilities in Macclesfield and Manchester, we manufacture over 71,000 items every year. Our approach to manufacturing is simple – we invest in the best machinery available and support it with the most up-to-date software. Together, this makes all the difference, as it allows us to offer our clients an efficient and flexible in-house furniture manufacturing capability, which results in value-driven high-quality furniture products.

Taking responsibility seriously

From sourcing materials and designing products sustainably, to low emission vehicles, truck washing drainage systems and resourceful use of blankets to wrap products for delivery to reduce waste, we are constantly looking for ways to improve

Achieving high standards

We aim to carry out the daily activities of our business in a way which gives consideration to our staff, our customers, our suppliers and all those, local or global, who may be affected by our actions.

We have a number of national and industry recognised accreditations that support the continual improvement of our services and we invest a great deal of time and effort to make sure we meet health and safety, quality, and sustainability standards.