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With more than thirty years of experience in supplying office and educational furniture across the UK, Broadstock is uniquely qualified to design working environments that really do work as hard as the people who work in them.

For us, it's not just a case of filling a space.  It's about understanding your corporate culture, your goals and aspirations, how you work, what stimulates and motivates your people and what makes them tick.

We have an in-depth understanding of how people, office furniture, equipment and office space are inextricably linked together in a working environment.

E2A is our response.

A desk is a work surface.  It's a place where tools needed to achieve the task at hand are laid out.  The more efficient the layout, the more likely that office workers will complete tasks quickly and correctly, without causing physical or mental damage to themselves in the process.

E2A provides eacy access to power and data for laptops and mobile phones via a sliding top or screen mounted sockets.  Screens are available with pinnable and magnetic surfaces for photos and notes, while accessories allow users to personalise their space.

Recyclable aluminium and plastic components combine with tubular steel to create a system containing no welded parts.  This means less embodied energy during manufacture and a system that can be easily disassembled on-site at the end of use down to individual materials without specialist knowledge, equipment or transportation to specialist facilities.

Furthermore, tubular components such as legs and beams retain their basic structure and functionality and are more likley to be reused with minimal processing as opposed to being recycled.

Broadstock is a full member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme and ensures that raw materials used in the manufacture of its core products are obtained through sustainable resources.

E2A is a complete furniture system suited to every area of the office.  Designed around an intelligent aluminium casting which, combined with simple tubular steel components, can create a range of furniture to suit every requirement and dimension. The E2A aluminium casting allows for leg sharing without the need for any additional components and also for easy downstream re-configuration and re-use of components.

E2A is produced at our 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities in Macclesfield and Middleton.  All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards with a rigorous quality control system in place.  We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 (cert. FM 12669).

For more information on the E2A range, please contact us on 01625 431979.